The Formula for Success: L x 4K

Faktor K

Business success always has personal and instrumental components.

The interacting dynamics ensure long-lasting financial success. The “L” stands for the highest-level decision maker, a “leader.” “4K” relates to the four new driving forces for success.

Aside from professional decisions by the management team, energy and aura are also requested.

The 21st century demands a dual management leadership that will put logic and mysticism into practice: The focus is on the formulation of the essentials of organizations and emotion. These go hand in hand with business management and financial analytics.

“Leaders” are team-players who place great emphasis on empowering employees.

When the 4K success drivers are exploited and sustainably implemented, art and creativity strengthen the uniqueness of the organization. Powerful “changes” using a “multichannel” marketing approach with symbols, relics, signets, and history will ensure communicating value and content

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